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Tu Hien Trade and Services Co., Ltd. has been operating in real estates, one of industries affected by various changes in government policies, market, competitors…They causes considerable difficulties for the Company in particular and for the whole of the industry in general. In such environment, Tu Hien realized that to make its business viable and develop, it should have excellent business strategy with its goodwill and specified development plan. Facing with the vary strong competition in the open-market economy, Tu Hien pay its deep attention to product quality, price, after-sales services and sound marketing strategy to compete in the hard play. Besides, the Company also focuses on development of trademark – one of the most crucial factors to create the success of any businesses and build up their positive images. “As a player in this field, you have to know how to listen your customers prospectively and take care of them.... 

Main activities of Tu Hien are:

button Service in brokering , trading, depositing, leasing real estates .

button Regularizing real estates

button Documentary of price controlling, lease contract, house transferring

button Consulting and supporting in bank borrowings, …

button Processing construction license, procedure of testate succession, delegation, … 

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